Thursday, 3 July 2008

Adult Surprise Jacket

Yessss, well.

It's going but... since you start by knitting across the shoulders... there's a LOT of stitches.

It'll get there.


Wednesday, 2 July 2008


At the moment, my stash of yarn lives in a big, floppy, fabric bag in the mess that is the understairs cubbyhole.

Not good.

So I bought a SMALL plastic box last night. Come lunch time, or this evening, I shall move much of the stash into it, and if I am REALLY good, will put a lot of the yarn into separate bags... so it won't tangle. Though... if it's in the box, that's probably not necessary.

I bought a SMALL box because I want to look at it and think, "Ohhh, can't put more in that!" not, "Gee, I've got room!".

Baby Surplice jacket 2

Suplice jacket, the second.

I've given in and bought the EZ books I don't have... I had to get them from the US in the end cause that was MUCH cheaper - even with shipping- than getting them here, but still... I want to make the totem jacket!

These last few have been knit from stuff in the stash.

I'm starting on an adult surprise jacket. It takes about an hour to knit one of the first rows - 800 stitches is a LOT!

Baby Surplice Jacket 1

First attempt... it does actually work around the bottom hem, it just looks odd in the photo

Monday, 30 June 2008


Addictive pattern, this.. :}

(The one with all the green wasn't sewn up or finished at the time of the picture).


Made from stuff from my stash... I likes this pattern, I does!